Job interviews can be intimidating…

.. especially if you’re planning to transition into a new career.

To prepare for an actual interview, there is nothing better than practicing mock interviews with real, experienced professionals. Mock interviews don’t just help reduce stress and anxiety, but they also help boost your confidence and personal awareness.

But let’s face it – practicing mock interviews with friends, peers or family members is not of much help as the feedback is inevitably biased and opinionated. So how do you practice interviewing with experienced been-there-done-that professionals?

Welcome to Nicerr, a mock interview practice platform that helps you easily book virtual mock interview sessions with top global professionals.

Tech roles such as product management, data science, devops/cloud engineering and software development are among the fastest-growing roles around the world. If you are planning to transition into any of these roles, mock interview practice can help you get hired faster.

Role I want to practice for:

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